Grötzinger Holzkunst   
  Holzkunst Grötzinger     Josef Grötzinger    
  Kunstgewerbe aus Holz  
  Birkenweg 3
  D-89616 Rottenacker
  Phone: +4973932301    
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Our Shops
Wooden Art Wooden Bows Bow Accessories
Shop Wooden Art

In our shop for wooden art
you can find following products:

  • Vases of Woods
  • Wooden Plates
  • Wooden Fruits
  • Mushrooms of wood

Here you can find all products made of wood. We make them all by turning wood. Plates, vases or fruit. Take a look in our shop!
Shop Holzkunst
In a few Days our
Shop will open

In our bow-shop you can find
you can find following products:

  • Flatbows
  • Recurvebows
  • English Longbows

You can order a custom made bow in this shop or you can order one of our bows which we have on stock.

Shop Holzbogen
Shop Bow Supplies

In the shop bow supplies
you can find following products:

  • Nocks
  • Arrows
  • Feathers
  • Hardware
  • and many more ...

In the area bow supplies you can find everything you need for making sports with bows.
Especially for traditional bows!
Shop Bogenzubehör