Bow staves

If you are on the search for proper bow-timbers for making your own bow, your definitely right here!
We offer in our onlineshop always a multitude of different handsplitted staves or raw bows which are already cut to the required size, among them loads of rarities.
All staves are handpicked and gently dried so that a good quality is always given. All our offered bow staves can be worked on right from the receipt on.
We offer timbers for bows with different growth characters, from pieces of straight-grown trees to distinctive characterstaves.

If you couldn't find the fitting piece of wood in our onlineshop, feel free to contact us, it is almost always possible for us to offer you something suitable.

In case of buying several blanks we can make a discount, this is obtained especially for the use of the materials for social intended use (e.g. school projects).

Timbers for bows

osage orange

black locust

black locust and elm

ash and black locust