The art of bowmaking

Every single bow is manufactured by us in pure handcraft and is adapted accurately to the requirements and wants of the shooter.

Precious, over years well-stored bow-timbers frame the basis of our work. We generally attach highest importance on the quality of the raw material. These aspects are indispensable preconditions for long-living and high-performance bows on which we self-evidently issue a guarantee!

High-class oils on the basis of natural materials protect the wood and simultaneously highlight the structure of its surface.
We handsplice the draconstrings and accorded to the bow in colour and strength.
Due to the different kind of growth of the particular tree, every single bow is a unicum with an individual and lively character.

Kinds of bows
The English Longbow

This shapely and legendary type of bow is thanks to his length and his typical convex waistprofile ideal for shooting heavy arrows effective with high performance and for reaching a high penetrating power.
We produce historical replica in different appropriate kinds of wood like for example yew or elm, optional also willingly in laminate design. Every bow receives if desired either classical hornnocks or directly in the bowtips worked in selfnocks.

The Flatbow

Already since stone age this bow profile has proved it's worth. Thanks to the flat, broad design it is possible to produce shorter, extreme fast and long-living bows, which are suited, depending on the individual finish, optimally for hunting or the use in tournaments. All bows can optional also be furnished with statistic or working recurves.This causes again an optimised shoot characteristic and has furthermore also a huge aesthetic value! All flatbows can be made alternatively with directly in the bowtips worked in selfnocks or with nocks of horn.

Because the bows will generally be custom made (kind of wood, strength of tension, pullout-length of the arrow, etc.) an individual request is always recommended. For this reason the prices below are only guidance levels. Of course we are always personally at your disposal, by telephone or in writing for detailed consulting service! Due to your request in our Shop we are willing to create an individual non-binding offer.

Selfbows for adults and adolescents:
ash 270 Euro
maple 270 Euro
elm 330 Euro
black locust 330 Euro
osage orange 450 Euro
yew 500 Euro

We are always on the search for "special" timbers, which are for the use of making bows naturally only available in small amounts, like for example rowan berry, birch, sloe/blackthorn..., so it's profitable to ask from time to time separately for these special woods.

Selfbows for children:
Of course we also distribute professional-made, robust bows for children, which are costumised the physical conditions of the young archers. We produce these bows after their specifications from the same materials as the ones above. Self-evidently we are also here at your disposal for all kinds of questions!

Prices: from 120 Euro on.

  • Every bow is delivered including a bowstringer and exact description of the bow.
  • The delivery time for each bow will be: 3 - 12 weeks per bow.
  • Prices for wood- or hornnocks, recurves, reflexforms on query.
  • The arrow rest will be made of fur (e.g. black or white/grey) or engraved of horn.
  • Oilfinish optional matt or shiny.
  • Handleleather (e.g. from cattle, water buffalo, salmon, etc.) either single, wound or fixed to the bow with a plaited leathercord.
  • Draconstrings single- or bicoloured (white, brown, light brown, red, gold, green).