Courses in making bows

Letting develop the own bow from a piece of wood is something really special and uncomparable!
We arrange in our wood shop since 2003 single courses in making bows, whereas the events distinguish theirselves especially in the extraordinary and intensive form they take effect on the participant. In this singel courses there can be asked questions and given answers directly.

The courses are ideal for every person who is interested in the traditional art of making bows and older than 14 years. Basic knowledge in woodworking are welcome but not necessary.


  • Presentation of proper timbers for making bows.
  • Specific explanation of the procedure concerning the choice of the bole, storage and individual treatment of the natural wood.
  • Broad discussion of all physical conditions: Correct tension distribution on the individual bow sections, interplay of bow and arrow, definition of criteria concerning strings and bownocks.
  • Fabrication of a flatbow from a high-class, longtime stored ash.
  • Production of a string that fits to the bow with the aid of a medieval splice procedure.
  • Construction of arrows due to the original style with a graven woodnock, traditional natural fletching and a steel arrowhead.
After the finish of the production, an intensive fine-tuning, getting to know the bow and first shots top the course harmoniously off.

Location and time:
The courses are carried out in our shop in Rottenacker. They take place individually after prior date agreement and comprehend normally two days, in each case from 9 am - 5 pm / lunch break after temporal adjustment (length: about 30 minutes).

Board and lodging:
It is possible to stay in Rottenacker in "Teufel's Dorfwirtschaft", you have to book separately (Phone: (0049) 7393 95480) We are willingly to connect.

Drinks and lunch are provided during both days of the course and they are included in the price.

The fee for the course is 210 Euro for adults and for adolescents from 14 years on 150 Euro. Raw wood, material for strings, clamping band, fitting arrows and arm and finger protection are not included in the fee, the must be paid according to requirements separately. If you're interested, feel free to ask and we will create an offer for you!

Following terms in condition are effective in case of a registration to a course in making bows (these separate terms in condition are firm part of the general terms in condition of Josef Grötzinger, Kunstgewerbe aus Holz..., which also have to be accepted).

Registration to a course:
Due to the fact that our courses are arranged very individual, a special request is necessary.
In respect of your request we are willing to submit you a written offer.
In case of interest a registration has to be in written form, in regard to our offer.
In case of a registration to a course a prepayment of 50 Euro has to be paid.
The remaining amount has to be paid after the course in our shop in Rottenacker.

Rescission by you:
You can rescind on time in written form from a course. In case of a rescission within 14 days before the beginning of the course the prepayment of 50 Euro will not be refunded.

Rescission by us:
We generally reserve the right to cancel courses, due to e.g. unpredictable circumstances. The prepayment of 50 Euro will be refunded immediately.

The responsibility rests with every single participant. For this reason an own liability insurance is for the participance in a course necessary.



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