Josef Grötzinger

Born in 1952 in Ehingen at the Danube I got in contact with wood and its design in early childhood.

My favourite uncle Wunibald, an accredited joiner and artist, always brought some interesting pieces of wood home. I started working on wood already before I went to school with sawing and carving.

Despite this preference for woodhandcraft I decided later on for a mercantile apprenticeship, because in these times the perspectives in the woodhandcraft-industry weren't very good.

When I was 16 years old, I read a report about woodturnery, which didn't only inspire my interest for this kind of working on wood, it also made me properly addicted to it. In some nights I even dreamt about it.

Because I didn't have financial possibilities, as apprentice I earned only 70 DM a month, I tinkered my first turning lathe out of simple materials and compassed first prosperities.

Then the further training, development in my job and my family played the most important role. But I never forgot turnery!

In 1995 I started with a course in turnery. After that I couldn't stop anymore. I bought machines, the shop was filled with tools and wood and shavings flew around. From the very beginning I prefered domestic wood, that was offered by local farmers or came from the local woods. In the majority of cases I know, where the tree stood and grew.

The character of the wood is crucial. Grain and growth allow form and design. Smaller unevennesses and jazziness show the uniqueness. All my objects are unicums and handmade. I avoid sizing, that's why even big bowls or vases are made of one piece of wood. Drying for years and skillful turning make occur high-class pieces of art. The surface rests natural, it only gets oiled or waxed.

On numerous expositions I present regularly my objects.

I thank you for your interest

     Josef Grötzinger

Josef Grötzinger

My slogan is:

As tree the wood formed
the landscape
I give the wood through my turning
its character back,
it obtains a face.