A well made arrow, which is exactly tuned in to the conditions of the bow, is always a basic requirement for a proper and precise shooting and hitting.

In our shop there are exclusive and handcrafted wooden arrows available, which can be tuned perfectly on the preconditions of your bow.
Several materials are possible for arrowshafts: Cedar, pine, nordic spruce/fir, ash, larch and birch as well as ramin and diverse other kinds of laminated shafts. These are deliverable, depending on demands and apart from a few exceptions, in cylindrical, taper and barrel form. All shafts can be weighed optionally for you and selected after an exact spine value.
We complete your wooden hafts optionally with the most different feather forms and colours, arrowpoints and nock systems.
We use only materials which correspond the highest standards in quality! This means what we generally pay attention on a clean and homogeneous wood structure of the shafts and on the following completion with the best components.
You can make an exact choice of the available materials in the listings in our onlineshop. Of course we are willingly to inform you personally!
The price for handmade arrows is a result of the material costs, which are listed in our shop, plus handling and installation charges.
Handling and installation charges depend on the amount of the charge, normally they are between 4 to 12 Euro.